Kylie Minogue

Golden Tour Visuals

Kylie and her Creative Director, Rob Sinclair gave us the unique challenge of setting all the visuals as chapters in a 1970’s road movie. The story begins with Kylie waking up lost in the Nevada desert, and ends with a party at a Texas dancehall. This required several days of filming in Nevada and California deserts, as well as a studio shoot in London where we recreated a biker workshop, and roadside dive bar.  Appropriate to our 1970’s aesthetic, the entire show contains almost no motion graphics. 

KOI Awards Best Screen Content – Nominated

Creative Director Rob Sinclair

Creative Producer Tom Colbourne

Director of Photography (UK) Thomas English

Director of Photography (US) Edwin Eversole

Producer (UK) Kirsten Dickson-McFie

Producer (US) Paige Kauffman

Editors Reg Wrench & Rupa Rathod