We are a multi-disciplinary production company specializing in live music and events. Our expertise spans multi-camera production, screen content, post production, broadcast graphics, and VFX. We contribute to many of the most high profile and acclaimed shows, events, and productions in the world.

Our studio is based in Burbank, CA. 

We are driven by the quality of our work; always pushing both creative and technical boundaries and enjoy sharing our passion with all our staff and collaborators.

Tom began his career as an editor, and then a producer for BLINK’s former UK sister company. He moved to Los Angeles to co-found BLINK in 2016, and has overseen its growth and success as a world class production studio. As the CEO of BLINK, he is a passionate driving force behind the company ethos and creative output, as well as serving as Producer or Executive Producer on many production projects. His personal expertise spanning over 20 years in the industry includes TV production, Multicam, VFX, Graphics, Documentary & Screen Content.

Likes Opening nights

Dislikes Messy desks (his own is fine though)

Hailing from a background in theatre, and a healthy passion for musicals, Kirsten has been a pioneering Producer for over 20 years in almost every medium imaginable. In her role at BLINK, she oversees our UK based and Screen Visuals operations, and finds ways to make the impossible seem easy.

Likes Having a comprehensive sneaker collection

Dislikes Black and white spreadsheets

Screens Producer

Richard started his career as an editor in Advertising, and now heads up BLINK’s projects from technical production side. He oversees many of BLINK’s visual and post projects from concept through to delivery, and is responsible for designing our robust workflow solutions.
His reputation as a world class tech is undisputed by his colleagues and the wider industry.

Likes The Magic Mike Vegas show

Dislikes Disorganized file management 

Lead Editor 

Originally from Preston in the UK, Rupa has been with BLINK for more than 10 years. In her capacity as Creative Producer, Lead Editor, and (unofficially) Chief Morale Officer, she brings her eye for detail, musicality and legendary positivity to every project.

Likes Making puns out of everything

Dislikes Being beaten to one by someone else

Motion Graphics Artist

Kevin got his start in live events creating visuals for underground nightlife while studying film theory and video production. He worked in video design for theater and live performance before moving to LA in 2018 to join BLINK, where his unique blend of talents found the perfect home. 

Likes Quoting The Devil Wears Prada 

Dislikes Cleaning the coffee machine


Chris started his career as a motion graphics designer in Republic of Korea. He loves to find technical solutions to creative problems. His talents in 2D & 3D design, previs and emerging design innovation make him vital to all BLINK’s visual output.

Likes Being the best dressed in the office

Dislikes Missing out on a fried chicken sandwich

Kristin was born and raised in Houston, Texas and a proud southern girl. She moved to LA to pursue a career in entertainment. Since studying at the University of Texas in Austin, she’s worked her way up the industry and is now combining her passion for music with her healthy obsession for production. In her role she is also the vital link between our freelance teams and our internal operation.

Likes Wearing denim on denim 

Dislikes When the coffee runs out


Harold is a New York native with a passion for all things tech and music. An avid concert goer and shameless EDM obsessive, his taste brings an extra dimension to our work. Being our in-house Notch expert, he’s essential to our goal of making live camera effects seamless and cohesive with the overall visual experience.

Likes Raves

Dislikes Disorganized node graphs

Assistant Editor

Originally from Bethesda, MD, Nico recently made his move to Los Angeles to step into the entertainment industry. Armed with degrees in computer science and media from Miami University, he brings a unique blend of tech know-how and a passion for music, video, and film. As well as helping us push the envelope with the intersection of entertainment and technology, Nico plays a hands-on AE role on most of our post and multicam production.

Likes Dogs & rap music

Dislikes Messy cable management & dust

Becka spent middle & high school going to and working at local rock shows, and after several years in a completely different career came to LA to find her calling. She gained vast experience as a freelancer on film and TV shoots, and now assists all areas of our production and visuals business to help us keep the show on the road.

Likes A back-log of true crime podcasts

Dislikes Not being able to pet your dog

Nick started his career as a graphic designer, animator and DJ in the electronic music scene of London, developing his skills through a wide range of commercial and experimental collaborations. He began collaborating with BLINK in 2011 and was involved in numerous projects before becoming a permanent member of the creative team. In his spare time, he still DJs at parties and festivals, continuing to nurture his love of visuals and music.

Likes A reassuringly expensive vinyl on Discogs

Dislikes .webp files

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Winner – The Killers, Wonderful Wonderful Tour: Knights Of Illumination Award for Best Screen Content
Winner – Blur, New World Towers: NME Awards Best Music Film
Winner – Kylie, Golden: UKMVA Awards Best Live Film
Winner – Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Film: ACE Eddie Award for Best Edited Variety Talk/Sketch Show of Special Event
Nominated – Billie Eilish, Live at the O2: Grammy Award for Best Music Film
Nominated – Blur, New World Towers: UKMVA Award Best Music Film
Nominated – Kylie Minogue, Golden Tour; Knights of Illumination Award for Best Screen Content